Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Spanish version possible, I need instrumental track

Hello there everypony! I have received a number of petitions of the song being translated to Spanish. We do have contact with a professional singer which has been working with me "Spirit", for years now. However, there is only one thing keeping us from uploading such version. We don´t have an instrumental track. And we cannot simply remove the vocal track using the vocal filter from Audition and record over, that would sound.. very poor, and canned. Instead, we would nead a clean instrumental. If any of you could help with such thing, We will upload the song in Spanish, crediting the musician, of course.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

There we go Folks!

Here is the final result of all that work.

I'd like to personally thank all of you that stuck with us to the end...

Hopefully this makes up for all the waiting :)

And no, she doesnt drop the foals :3


Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Evrrrrrrrypooony!

Lion here.. with GEWD NEWZZ!


Best show you:

See this!?  That is a FULL TIMELINE!  YES!

Every shot to add was added and almost *ALMOST* every tweak to do was done..  By tomorrow, I should be able to do the very final FINAL render!

All depending on how long it will take to upload to youtube, the realease date is this week for sure..

So hang on to your manes, we're sooooo close!

I need rest now...

But the next post WILL be the video.


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Count them :3

OMG!  Is it POSSIBLE?  The Foals are THERE!

All 12 of them.. the black shape in the back is Luna backlit by moonlight.

How's it going everyone?  Lion here..

Wondering why I make a big deal out of them following Luna?  It's kindov a year-long story >.>
Suffice it to say that taking a work in progress at face-value and assume that what you see will be the final result is a surefire way of being 100% wrong.  (or 99.9 % for those that want some hope)

Even part of the teaser that look 'final' have been tweaked and adjusted.. even if slightly.

But I digress..
The bulk of shot 35's animation is all done.  Tweaks and slight adjustments are still required but here's a full-render frame from said shot.  (Which will get a bit more treatments before release)

From Adobe Premiere's timeline, it would seem like everything's done but not quite.  This is the home stretch where we put all of the wishlist back in the project for one final pass before one final render.

It's gonna be so kewl to have all your reactions!

Be safe, I'm going back to working on it!


Saturday, July 6, 2013

David Larsen Joins the CoTn team

Hello Evreypony!

Spirit reporting progress.  The killer shot, number 35 is almost done, after that, everything is downhill, or so we hope.

But the news today is that David Larsen has joined the project and he is providing his awesome musical abilities.   So far, he has done an splendid job!

He is working on something that has a lot to do with what the fans requested. I took the decission two weeks ago, but you will have to wait until the release to find out what in tarnation I am talking about.

He and Sarah Williams are going to bring sound and voice to something new that wasn´t there before. 

Here is a sample of David´s work. He requested one of our bgs for his piece "Aeons". 

NOTE:  This is David´s musical piece, NOT our video.