Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Last Shot

Hello there everypony!

We haven´t posted for a while, but I am coming back with great news.

We are in the middle of the last shot. YES! last shot, number 35, which is the hardest of the bunch.

Again, I cannot tell when it will get done. After making such a long way, I am not gonna make the mistake to trip on the finish line, so we won´t announce a release date, but, soon, it will be complete.

Now I won´t lie. I am terrified of the release (Spirit), because I really don´t want to dissapoint anyone, yet, I am proud of what we have done so far, because it convinces me, and for once in our lives, we haven´t been rushed or pushed by a deadline, it is a work that is has been done just like we wanted to do it, nothing more, nothing less. Just this one time we have sweeped speed out of the formula.

I want to thank you all once again for your patience. Just a little longer guys. :)