Monday, April 29, 2013

Don't get in the way, Flash

Hello there!

Spirit reporting some progress today.

I have been running lots and lots of tests lately, and to my surprise, I have figured out ways to eliminate some of the Flash software limits.

The list of positive tests include:

* Randomization of multiple  graphics at once with one command
* Possibility of rendering any action script media in PNG sequence with no frame loss, including the use of a V- cam
* Transform FILLS to LINES  (twisted procedure, but the possibility is now open)

All this technical meaning that I have now more freedom to do my FX magic here and there.
Link to the swf file:

This is one example of what can be done now. This clip would usually take about two hours to get done, while with the new commands took about 30 seconds, it is only one graphic symbol, applied with the spray tool, and set to random frame with one single command.

With similar strategies I have done waterfalls for the clip, dust dissipations and some mist.