Friday, March 1, 2013

The Feathers

Greetings Friends!

Lion with another update!  I just realized I forgot to do one last week but that doesnt mean we're Idle.  Spirit's plowing ahead with more puppet builds and I'm happy to say that Luna's build has been updated and will definitely speed some shots up. Not to mention I'll be able to replace some weird symbols with more appropriate ones.

I just finished another shot today which was problematic.  One we refer to as 'Shot 07'.  (Basically the shot where she overlooks the city)

Took me a while to come up with her acting.. way too long for a shot this short.  But at the same time I didnt want to just recycle what was done and then the wings and.. well.. too many things at once in my head.

In the end, it's the wings that really make it work. Or rather, the feathers.  Originally it was a slow and sluggish unfurling of the wings and it had no life to it.. just a lot of tweens and visible flash animation.

With her acting done without her wings I could time them better to the music too.

I even gave them a bit of a snap!

As you can see, I divided the wings in several parts which allow a more precise manipulation.  Since it's not exactly like a flap I felt it necessary to give myself more control for better subtle movements.

The red line below is my hand-drawn guide.  I've re-done several passes of other shots that way to give myself a better planning over some specific movements.

Again, we're getting there. One shot at a time :)



  1. The build is getting more and more complex I see.

  2. a wise man said once ''a journey of a thousand kilometers, begins with one step'' so as long as the project ''walks'' then, its all fine XD

    also, the level of the work seems amazing o,0 i feel like you guys are trying to do something like double rainboom but with only two ppl, thats craaaaze, and impressive o,0

  3. Ce que dit bryan est vrai (^-^) c'est fou lorsqu'on voit à quel point chaque petits détail peu prendre des proportions gigantesques, mais au final, on se rend compte que ça valait vraiment la peine de mettre tous ces effort (^-^)
    Ce que vous faite est incroyable, je ne suis pas du tout une experte, mais j'adore ce que vous faites, ça me fascine :D continuez comme ça!

  4. Keep going your awesome. Me and my sisters wait for this to be released.

  5. OMG!!!! i am getting more excited with each post! i cant want to see it fully complete!

  6. Oh lion! I am so glad to see you guys back to work on this short. I was never afraid you would quite... just really eager to see it complete. From what I can tell you have made amazing progress and I cant wait to see what you have in store for us XD