Sunday, February 24, 2013

Something that Flash really really needs..

HI there!

Spirit talking to you today and bringing the morning report. 

We are presently creating our Luna puppet for the final scene (yes, we proceeded with no puppets until now, believe or not). And after creating a mountain of symbols, we spotted something that Flash could use.

A script for setting the properties of the graphics to single frame by default. I consulted other animators, and they crave that as well.  It might seem that we are lazy, but it is very time consuming to have to check something EVERY time you create a symbol. If you are managing.. let's say, 80, it is ok, but our Lulu has surpassed the 1000 (just these past two days I created about 200).  And we also have 12 children, with very different assets for each one (every child has a different blink, mouthshape...and we have two different builds for filly and colt).

So, if there is any guru out there that knows about such thing, please, please, email or comment. I would be really grateful for that.


  1. Wish i new someone for you spirit but i dont saddly =/
    But dont get frustrated because it will come to you because good things come to good ponies when needed =3

  2. damn, im not into animation so i cant help you u,u i hope you get what you want, it seems you really really need it

  3. I don't have any experience with Flash, but I'll be here to show moral support! :D

  4. Forgive me for no doubt causing a bother, but flash often eludes me. COuld you explain what you meann when you say 'symbols?'

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    2. a symbol is a piece of the character (called a puppet). for example. luna's hoof would be one symbol. and her fore arm would be a different one. and another for the shoulder. and so on. every piece of a character is it's own symbol. like a bunch of drawings all put together to make one big drawing. and they all can be moved independently.

      but there's more. every mouth shape, every eye shape. is it's own symbol. when a character blinks you are seeing several symbols for the eyes. one open, one part way closed, one half way closed, closed, etc etc. and for each eye.

      check this out each of those is a symbol

  5. I'm curious what "final scene" means. Is that the final shot? The last piece of animation with a distinct general position for Luna?

  6. Greetings!
    To make any command you dont need anything aside Flash itself. (flash cs3, cs6 have that feature) Simply add a new panel to the workspace(Window->Other_panels->History)
    Now create random object and convert it to Graphic, right after that change symbol's option to single frame. Every manipulation you make will be shown at the History panel, then select two last actions in the panel(ConvertToSymbol + InstanceProperty), right click it -> Save as command.
    Now you can use this command from 'Commands' to convert anything to the symbol with needed property, you can also assign it to the hotkey.
    Dont know if you already made that command (or even better one, since with this you have to rename the symbol manualy). Sorry if I wasted your time with this comment.