Sunday, August 26, 2012

Second-to-Last killer shot

But not the last shot to be done!

Greetings everypony!

    Lion here with the mandatory progress report!  Some of you stumbled upon the stream in which I started that shot.  Well, it took a long time to do.. a LONG long time.. for many reasons.  One of which might be seen as a bad news, but trust me, it is not.  

    Something appeared in my workplate.. something I could not, in my right mind, refuse.  But despite it's awesomeness, it also means that Children of the night will be going at half speed.  I'm technically the only one with work still left to do (If Spirit starts to animate, I'll still have to go over her work and slow down my own shots for tweaks. Plus she'd have a steep slope to climb) and I'm doing it as well as I can.  Not to mention I'll probably have to animate that little intro that popped up.

   Of course, flash does not always cooperate but that's not news.  So here's a little still frame of that shot as it will appear:

Enjoy everypony!

Cya next update!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Voice Actress found!

Hello Everypony!

Thank you to everybody who sent an audition. We received more than we expected, and it has been very difficult to choose between the candidates.

We are really touched for the support and great attitude that you guys are showing towards our animation project. 

I am really happy to announce that we have finally found a voice for Gari!

The name of the actress that will be playing Gari is SARAH WILLIAMS  (again, I have to say, it is been really difficult to choose between the candidates, due to the amazing good quality of the recordings we received).


I have tried to reply to everybody who sent an audio file, if  you didn't receive an email from me, I am really really sorry  and I thank you from here.

Now it is time for me to get back to the drawing board.  There 's just much to do!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Looking for a voice actress

Hello Everypony!

We are presently looking for a voice actress for "Children of the Night".
She will be voicing a cheerful, yet tired mare.(adult Gari is telling us the story, reading a dusty old book in candelight, the moment is solem, and full of the memories and emotion of an eternal "child". (Think a little bit of the Childlike empress from "The Neverending Story").

Here you have some examples of how she generally behaves and interacts:

If you are interested, please, send a voice demo with the following phrases to

"One day, the youngest one, sadened by our daily struggles,  proposed to form a new colony where all of us would grow strong and happy(this said with actual excitement).  But the eldest one forbid it."

What we are looking for is someone who can really pull off a good acting and build a character through her voice. Good recording equipment will be a must, because we cannot really work with something from a mono microphone with low quality and the average sound problems.

In order to keep this agile,I plan to listen to audtions for a week and then make a decission to pick which would fit best.

The chosen candidate will be announced on the blog as soon as we find the voice we are looking for.

If you have a nice voice and want to be part of the project, we would love to hear you!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

More Progress!

Greetings Everypony!

Lion here with another little progress update!

Yesterday was a second attempt at streaming an animation production for Children of the Night and I must say, it was a success!  Not only did I get to answer some questions directly but I now have a recording to help out other animators.

The start was lost due ot Flash bringing Procaster down with it. But There is still close to 2 hours of video available, which I'll embed here for you!

Watch live streaming video from lionheartcartoon at

This shot is the last one that needed to be animated from the Orphanage sequence.. the sequence that is a good 45 seconds of animation by itself.

I'll try and do more streams in the future, too!  I can be found on Deviantart and Twitter, where I usually announce a stream.

Till then, enjoy this little video that shows we are NOT slacking :D

Lion, Signing out.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Music of the Night

Hello there everypony!

Tonight I am bringing you something really amazing.

Remember the music post that I made some time ago?  Well, some musical talented friends have sent us some amazing versions of "Come Little Children", so amazing, that it would be a shame not to share them!

So, with their permission, here I bring you some music of the night:

Let's start with this awesome orchestral version, the NIGHT WALTZ, by Wiimote-hero-iii in deviantart, my jaw hit the floor when I heard it.

Children of the Night Waltz

This other version has a very special feeling, mysterious and a notch more sad than the original one. I simply love it. It evoques a moment of loss, or at least, that is what I picture. This was submitted by a mysterious person called " The Waltzing Cat"

The,Waltzing Cat; Children of the night

And last, but not least, this super piano aarangement that  Chloe Quigley sent a while ago. It is way better than the one I did, and that is an inspiration.

Children of the Night, piano

I am still astounded by the generosity and spontaneity of  the fellow artists. What I love about music, is that each piece has a part of the author, expressing a different and unique feeling every time that makes me picture new stories when I listen anew. A gradious Waltz, a touching loss and an elegant and swifty piano huming.

I recall the WillyKit lullaby (new thundercats series) and I wonder if "Come Little Children" can be switched from sad  into happy. Maybe I should try next time. But before that, there is a video to finish.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Progress report!

Greetings Everypony!

Lion here with a little progress report!

We finished 3 more shots that were added to the final timeline and we're almost under a minute of animation left to do!  It's getting there.. it's getting there!!  YAY!

I'm currently deep into the animation of the Orphanage scene, where all the new shots have been added.. only 3 are left in there and they are, in that order, HARD, medium and baby-easy.  So While I'm sure I'll have at least ONE done this week, I'm pretty sure can make it TWO!

So while you wait, here's a little sleeping Spirit filly to keep you company as Luna sings her entrancing lullaby :)

This is Lion, signing off!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Meet the colts

Hello there once more!

Today I present you the colts of CoTN. It is the first time I do an actual animation with the puppet, and in spite of not being too fancy, I am quite proud of the small achievement.

What the... DERPY! How did you get into this story?  You wanna follow Luna too?

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The final effort

Hello Everypony!

Today I am writting once again to give you a progress report.

The orphanage sequence is almost finished, and after that, only the Moonlight Ballet will last, and Children of the Night will be completed!

However, this last two sequences were the most difficult ones in every level. Camera moves, ponies that make full body rotations, Luna making barrel rolls... a sweet challenge I must admit.

We made a very interesting discovery that could help us to learn about the "missing ingredient" that separates the show from the fanworks. And those were the "Evolution of a scene" videos. However, we could only find one out of five, since they were all made private.  (the cloud prank Pinkie and Dash played on Spike).

Oh well..., c'est a vie. Next time something official is posted I shall keep my eyes and ears open.

Also, we have the 12 colts and fillies.. and Lion is trainng me so I can show you so me colts in a little animation  that I am trying to craft.

Spiritto Logging off,  since she has lots of clouds to paint.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

We have the children!

Hello Everypony!

Just yesterday we finished the builds of the 12 children. It has taken way more time than I could calculate, since Flash drawing tools are more than deceiving.

*grab pen toon, draw a starting point, have the vector starting wherever it wants, instead of the point I chose*+*select one bezier point and watch everything dissapear* repeat this formula over and over and build up some hatred for Flash and his inventor.  *cough cough, ahem*

So, here you are an example of some of the newly buid colts and fillies. These ones are not animated, (lack of time) but you can get an idea.

Here you can see Springsign, Night Light and Candlelight!

I  watched the show very closely and compared the designs to the CMC builds, to  make sure they would fit in that universe.

Also, I went to Faust's DA and checked carefully, minding the shapes she usually adds for her characters and trying to translate that as well as I could for the children.

NOTE:  This picture doesn't show the polished versions, with corrected vectors and cutie marks.